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 Everyone Advertises online…Finding the right methods to get the attention of your reading and viewing audience is a challenge. 

Reaching out to consumers is not as easy as you might think..

Many customers are very jaded about marketing and advertising which can often lead to a cause and effect situation where it becomes almost impossible to produce sales.

Revenue generation, in the website advertising world is a multi Billion dollar business.

Back in the days when yahoo was trading at over 476.00 a banner ad on that network alone would cost you several thousand dollers, now you can get advertising by the click which is really way more affordable than it was in the past.For many users advertising online was for only those large companies and advertisers that had a big pocket book in fact in the past this was about the only class of advertiser that had any respect from websites, that however is changing with the new google and the way that search results are being delivered to consumers.


Add to that the ability to target your desired consumer and it becomes even easier to find leads and deals online.

Using your advertising space wisely is something that many webmasters have not learned how to do in the best way possible.  The trend is to put up a website and then load it down with so much advertising that someone will click on something, but this is really not the best way to go about getting repeat business.

When I say repeat business I mean website visitors, getting people to come back to your website is part art and part logic, the best thing to do is to find out what the consumer wants and give it to them.

Avoid popup ads, completely, this is the most annoying thing in the world.

Use passive advertising, it is simply the best alternative, it allows the consumer the choice to view an ad if it is of interest to them and it also allows them to continue being what they want to be, a consumer.

Learn more about online advertising as

Advertising has changed a lot since the old days of radio where sound was the primary method of developing an ad, these days, you have many choices and making the right choice at the right time is the number one best thing you can do for your website business.



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