Trusting Google?

The company that made the statement,

“Do no Evil” as their motto,

May have just found out that the public

is very fickle indeed.

The problem at issues, (allegedly) is that Google may have made a big mistake in how they are treating their core user group, (Publishers)

After all without the millions and millions, of publishing websites, where would Google be today…

 Think about it this way, Google gets free hosting, Free content, Free domain names, and free everything, to present advertising to consumers who you got it, come to publishing websites to get their content.

Yet, allegedly, Google has broken its promise to do no evil…


When you think about it what is the most important part of any business?

Customers, you got it in one, but apparently and allegedly google has just forgotten where they came from.


Or is it a case of out sourcing, gone wrong, there are some indications, that this may be at least part of the problem over at google but its not everything, there is what appears to be a disconnect between google and its publishing website, without, which, Google would be in a bad position to promise much of anything at all.


When you start to treat your publishers badly, your business model will suffer, perhaps not right away but eventually it will cause the stock price to drop, (we are already starting to see this problem now) why is it though that we can see how bad things are allegedly going over at google and they cannot see it at all?

Pilots call this kind of problem, target fixation.

However, if the problem is a 50/50 split between a communication issue, (meaning you cannot contact Google about squat) and an outsourcing error, (meaning that because of language problems, outsourcers are terminating accounts of good loyal Google customers)

The reason they are doing this is simple, they do not want to make a mistake, someone is likely putting a lot of pressure on them to perform, and when that happens, the only thing that will happen is a lot of terminated accounts.

Because when in doubt, it is better to terminate than to risk being identified as not being up to the task of the outsourced business model.

So, its FUBAR, right, I mean that is what it looks like from here.

likely that is accurate, when you are so disconnected from your user base, because of a lack of communication, (see outsourcing above) then you are in a really bad position from a corporate perspective its time to evaluate the management.

One thing is clear, there are problem brewing over at Google and if someone does not investigate soon the price of stock could take a 20 percent dive in value, not something that anyone would want to see happen, more so when you have been waiting to take a capitol gains holiday…

Hopefully someone will wake up, but if they do not it is very likely that the DOJ will take a serious interest in the abuse of Google publishers.

Simply because if the DOJ, considers deceptive advertising and lying to consumers, as a criminal offense they would have to view what Google is allegedly doing now as something very close to criminal.

Terminating accounts, without notice, (allegedly stealing money from customers) taking resources without paying for them (allegedly)

Really nasty stuff, and you know what else, the most deceptive thing of all could well be the statement “Do no Evil”


Advertiser beware, you might be spending money

on what could be a very thin layer between you and a lawsuit.




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