are they just words or are they more than that?  Can they really help you?

What are words, more importantly keywords are important to your websites success.

Can you identify the right keywords to use,

Knowing what words can do for you is important and even more so is the idea that doing research on a regular basis is worth the results. you can get.

How do you develop good keyword strageties?

SEO, Search Phrases, and using the right keywords, in your posts and articles.

Get the right information at the right time.

Keywords and more…  Can you do it?

at the drop of a wordpress plugin...

Using keywords in your wordpress file system is more

important than you may realize.

Keyword research is perhaps one of the most boring jobs that you can do but it is perhaps one of the most important things that you need to do.

So how do you determine which keywords you should use and where do you find these keywords.

There are many different places, google has a good keyword research tool, which is used for adwords it is ok for getting your initial list however it really is not enough data to know which keyword phrases are best.

Keyword phrases what are they and how can it make a difference to my website?

Keyword phrases are groupings of words that users type into search engines, these groupings of words often reflect the precise measure of what a user is looking for in a search and so it is very important to your webpage. Creating a webpage that answers the questions that people ask should be your number one goal in managing your website.

Designing your webpage to take advantage of keywords and keyword phrases by naming your file system after the keywords.

This is a little known practice that is becoming more popular, in case your wondering what that is, think of it this way, here is the old way of naming a picture file, Dss328948.jpg  now what if you named that picture file after a keyword like this, wordpress.jpg  which file name do you think will make more sense to a search engine spider?

So perhaps you can see some of what may be done with the naming of files and folder as well as title’s of blogs.

Here is one example

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