Affiliate programs Dead?

In many ways, we are all sitting here

watching as affiliate programs die

one by one.


But What are you going to do about it, will you just watch as your earnings go down?

Or will you find a replacement for the money you used to get?


Will Affiliate programs soon be dying a slow and painful death?

It is possible if we do not take action to deter the agenda of large corporations that want to reduce or eliminate online competition in some sales areas.

If you have ever considered owning your own website selling your own product then there will never be a better time to break into the business.

Are affiliate programs dead and did the FTC kill it?

Can you really make money selling other peoples products?

The good the Bad and the Ugly, it is interesting, that among all the different affiliate opportunities, out there, and all the methods of marketing to those affiliates.

There are literally hundreds of methods and sales opportunities out there yet many of these so called affiliate programs are not as good as they advertise, so how do you know if your promoting a program that will pay off and how do you know that you can trust the vendor?

The answer is you don’t and that is where most people go wrong.

You might wonder why people even bother at all, but the thing is for every one way to earn revenue, there are five ways to take that revenue away.

This begs the question, do you think that most affiliate programs are a viable source of income or are they just a great way to get free advertising from the vendors perspective it is a win win situation, from the affiliates view, you really do have to jump through hoops in order to even get a commission.

Today, I reviewed an offer for a set of review documents, the offer was related to affiliate opportunities, they claimed that you could make money by providing reviews and selling reviews of products, now the problem here is two fold, or probably three fold, lets start with one.

  1. It requires you apply for various affiliate programs.
  2. It requires that you develop a sales page.
  3. It requires traffic, from a real, organic buying source.
  4. It requires a buying public willing to buy from your affiliate link.
  5. It requires keyword research.
  6. It requires real buyers who are will to buy the product you are advertising.
  7. It requires, the ability to out perform every other person out there doing the same thing.So when you consider this information, what is the real advantage of working for someone else trying to sell their product for a buck or two commission?

When you think of it like this, you have to wonder, at the rock bottom price of 10 bucks, you might make your money back or you might not, make anything at all.

So, now that you have the most likely fact, what will you do, will you choose, to pursue a prospect that you might be able to get a sale or would you rather do something more useful.

Why Product Creation, makes more sense than trying to sell a product and collect a pittance.

Strictly speaking, selling your own product makes a lot more sense than trying to sell someone else’s product, for a number of reasons, but the most important reason is that when you are selling your own product, you are the vendor not the affiliate.

Then you can get affiliates to sell your products, make sense, we think so too, so after reviewing that offer for reviews that were frankly so restricted, (cant do this, cant do that)

I decided to pass, dont need junk and dont need garbage.

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