Ebay new affiliate program ends profitable relationships?

Is this the end for Ebay affiliate programs that used to be profitable?

Looks like a flat line to me, pronounced dead at 1201 am oct 1 2009

May ebay rest in pieces, as commissioned sales flat line across the board.

do you notice how your commissions are gone now?

Why not tell about it we would love to compare notes, and more so if you happen to know a good alternative to ebay because we have taken down all our ebay related advertising.

In the past our network was profitable however with the new affiliate system it appears we will not profit at all, so we went from a good profitable situation to a zero profitable situation, so we will be pulling all of our Ebay partner advertising over the next 2 weeks.

If you find that you also have been eliminated, and can no longer retain profits then you should seriously consider alternate networks that are not so hands on in the process of pushing the little guys out of business.

Here is a previous screen shot of how we profited before the change and below that will be a screen shot of how it looks now, the difference is obvious and it is obvious why this has been done, personally and my opinion only here is that this will hurt Ebay in the long run, a shame really but no surprise when people who have no training make business decisions.


As you can see in the after picture there is nothing under Earnings, this is what we expected, however we wanted to wait, and if there is a change we will post that change, however we feel like the new changes were designed to eliminate small vendors like our network from being profitable, again that is just our opinion and may not be accurate, but so far it sure looks like a bad thing, much like the mistakes that amazon made recently, followed by a drop in revenue, I expect to see a drop in ebay stock and quarterly profits as well.

So why do they get greedy? no one knows for sure but one thing is clear the people in charge at Ebay are not in the right place with regard to vendors and sellers.

Stats before the change

Stats before the change

Here is a screen shot after the new system

Here is a screen shot after the new system

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