Generating traffic

Creating traffic is perhaps one of the most important things you can do for your blog yet, most people have a hard time doing that.

Using only your brain how successful do you think you would be in generating traffic?

Do you think you could do a good job?

So you want traffic, right? Well if you don’t, then you need to turn in your webmaster badge.

I made a discovery about writing and blogging, and it is really very simple, the more content you post or write about, the more traffic you get from search engines.

Simple right?

Sure, easiest thing in the world, so to prove a point, I started posting to all my websites, every day, multiple times a day and one thing I discovered, right away, it was work.

Yes, work, you have to post the page, you have to write the post, often check your spelling, unless your a spelling bee champion, spelling is not as easy as it looks.

But you know what, I noticed, that the more content I posted, the more traffic I would get, so I doubled my content, and my traffic doubled, but guess what I was spending hours creating content, and it was work.

Nothing wrong with that but again, this is not what I wanted, to have to slave all day hour after hour posting to a website, all day long.

So, I began to examine, what was taking so much of my time and you know what I found out, the wordpress user interface, itself, was taking a lot of my time.

Each time you get ready to post content there are multiple page loads involved, a page load, happens every time, you look at one different page, and there are several each time you get ready to post content.

Why I am lazy and why I want to work smart not hard.

First I am Lazy, sorry for those that may think less of me, but I suspect that I am not alone, I would rather work smarter than to work harder, give me that anytime.

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