do follow or no follow which one or does it really matter at all?

Links are links right or are they?

Some argue that links are links and no matter what you say a link is a link is a link, and they may be right.

So which is it, do follow, no follow, follow some of the time, follow every once in a while?

For many years, we have see this follow, do follow, no follow, but in the end whose choice it is really.

There is an old saying about a lock.

It is a self evident truth that it is human nature that a lock is only as good as the person facing that lock.

If the person who is intent on breaking into a place is inclined to do what ever it takes to get the job done, a lock really is only as good as the person is honest.

What if you left the door open to your home and just went on vacation, what would happen?

Well if you lived in the city, chances are when you got back you would not like the state of what you found.

SEO or Search engine optimization is about what the robots do when they get to your website.

Some robots respect the no follow attribute, which is sort of like a lock that tells the robots where they can and cannot go, but it is not really something that is 100 percent effective.

What if the robots just do as they like?

Would you know it, what if the robots just went in anyway and indexed every link no matter what you said they could do, could you prove that nasty robot did anything wrong at all?

So in reality if you say no follow and they follow anyway, have you changed anything at all?

Answer NO, the links are still indexed and they either are good for your website or bad.

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