Grey hat Auto Back-linking

Why backlinking using short cuts could cost you a lot of time and money?

buying backlinks?

Is it a good idea?

Can it do more harm than good…

In a word, this is something you really want to avoid, it may be tempting to play with the Google Gods but when they find out what you have been doing it is not a pretty thing to watch, yet still you see people buying and selling links, it is just not a good thing.

It may seem innocent, a quick way to get better ranking but with the recent changes Google made could you be looking at loosing all your hard work.

Update, looks like our assessment was in fact very on target.

Google has effectively penalized many of the blog farms and in fact websites associated with those farms.

Why there is no free lunch and why you should avoid auto backlinking.

Here is the latest craze from the land of the lazy, sorry, it was just too good to be true,
so how does it work, well here it is in a nut shell, you enter some keywords and this tool
goes to work but what they do not tell you is that the online part of the equation is linked to a blog farm.

(A target of Google and other Search Engines)

Blog farms are identified by using patterns, that are what we call footprints in the snow, these footprints are easy to follow they lead right back to your website.

I sure wish people would think before engaging in this kind of stuff, because what you see as grey hat, the search engines are beginning to look at as black hat.

See how things can go from the proverbial frying pan to the fire quickly.

You see this is just as bad as buying links in fact it is worse than buying links because at least with buying a link you have actually paid for a service, (it will still get your site sandboxed by google) with this auto back linking thing, what your doing is violating several of the rules of the SEO game.

The first of which is to generate no harmful links.

What I mean by that is dead farm linking, the practice of linking from thousands of useless blog pages that have no ranking, (because why?) Because they have been sandboxed, but get this not only are they sand boxing these blog farms but they are also penalizing the websites that have footprints in the snow.

Yes, that means you if your buying into this auto backlinks thing, so carefully consider if you really want to play this game of russian roulette, it could cost you more than you ever thought.

Find out how you can grow your business legally and ethically and be rewarded with real traffic, because in the end, what good are a few backlinks on dead websites?

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