Instant publishing

We live in an instant world, A world where everything must be here and now…

we live in an instant society, where all you have to do is to push a button and presto chango, something new has been created.

Can publishing really be as fast as pushing a button, short answer, yes you can.

There are many different methods of publishing with the push of a button.

This however brings up the question of quantity over quality.

Does quality make a difference It could be, however, there is really a missing ingredient, that is something that cannot be forgotten, these days you can hire out just about anything but to really create good content, for publishing, you need to have at least some talent for writing.

Can you get published electronically.

How does it effect your digital world?

Do you use marginal publishing or do you use dynamic publishing?

We live in an instant world, instant entertainment, instant, dinner, instant everything, and yes even instant pudding.

Perhaps you have heard the term instant publishing just add a few clicks and your done, we wanted to check that out and find out just what it takes to get published on some of these instant publishing networks, like amazon and lulu.

While it does seem to be easier than ever before it is not easy enough for the average person to do it, and if you want professional results you may have to hire someone to do it for you.

We looked at lulu which at first glance appears to be very friendly, and it is however, it still requires knowledge above and beyond that which most users possess, conveniently, you can outsource it.

While this may seem like a good thing at first it can run into money, certainly not as much as in the old days of self publishing, where you could easily end up spending five thousand dollars on getting published, perhaps that included 100 books.

The cost is still up there.

When compared to books in production on most people are just not going to pay the higher price for a lulu product.

For the time being we hope to find a good alternative to these powerhouse instant publishing houses, because for our money, its just not the way to go.

You might wonder just how is the best way to get your work published, well that is a good question one that we are actively investigating.

For some time now people have been predicting the death of the papers, and it now is beginning to look like this might actually start to happen soon.

Since so many people are getting their new online now, newspapers and the higher cost, is really starting to take its toll, it may be that newspapers will make the trip and transition to electronic form.

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