Kajabi good bad or just plain Ugly

Just curious anyone seen all the big high dollar bucks,
from using the great and mighty jabi?

I mean it was a great and exciting video to watch but have you seen the results that they said you could get?

Has there been even two or three success stories that are verifiable with a CPA or a 1099 form?

Well the latest and greatest Guru product has been launched, which some have said is little more than a monthly rental which like its cousin the automobile lease you get dinged for going over the mileage quota.

There are hundreds of people promoting this thing and for the most part, if you have plenty of money and dont care what you get in return for your efforts, then perhaps its a good thing.

The thing here is that renting is never a good idea, and that is basically what this is rent.

While some are declaring how great it is many many others allegedly are telling how not great it is.

The biggest problem they have is the idea that at the end of the day this may end up at the bottom of a very large pile of Guru Garbage, (allegedly) since they prohibit you from making a copy of your own product, which you upload, including video, text and or anything in between, what you are agreeing to do is to pay a “rental” fee monthly and once you decide that you want to stop paying all your work goes poof up in smoke.

They openly state that they have used Amazon Web Services as at least all or part of the platform.

Which means that your relying on a third party for your product and you have no recourse if something bad happens.

I think they could have done a better job, but in the end, Caveat Emptor people, Buyer Beware.

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