Panda upcoming changes

In its first release the Panda wreaked havoc on many of those websites that had previously enjoyed traffic at the expense of hard working webmasters, but the Panda saw through those shallow attempts at being lazy and sliced and diced them into oblivion.


Google is about to Unleash its latest update that apparently is designed to create serious problems for some “alleged” low quality content websites, but the thing is how do you fix this kind of thing because the prevailing theory is that in order for your “content” to be considered of good value it must be perfect, no mistakes, no grammar issues, in fact it must be so perfect that almost no one could possibly create such a perfect website.

Is this real or is it just a joke?

Just ask anyone google panda update is for real.

Well as you know it is not a joke and there are a ton of websites out there that are scrambling to provide top quality valued content.

Developing the real content for real people is not a perfect proposition, no one is perfect, not even the best authors publish perfect content, just ask the people that proof read and the editors that double check the manuscripts.

The thing here that google is missing is this, because people are human they do not require perfect content simply because they know that the internet is not perfect, and if google does not figure this out, they may pay in the long term by lower stock prices.

The truth is simple, people are in a hurry, they have many things to do in life, they have so many things to do that the idea that an article must be perfectly formatted according to some OCD, punk just out of college, well that is just stupid and that does not seem like the google that we have come to respect.

The truth is that without advertisers, google would be out of business in just a short time.

Advertisers are what drives the google machine and without that revenue there is no stock holders, without advertisers, there will be no paychecks, without advertisers, the cost of running the servers alone would bankrupt, google in less than 30 days, so think on that for a while, when you begin to think that your perfect and that you have to walk on water in order to produce a high ranking website think again.



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