Theme Development

 What really makes a great theme…

When you think about it what do you know about themes?

Creating PHP themes, is it something that you can learn how to do or should you use a tool?Learning is always a good option because it gives you that first hand still as well as introducing you to what is really going on inside wordpress.

Creating content and creating wordpress themes.

Everything is about to change…

Developing a unique theme can help your wordpress website.

There are many different wordpress themes and finding just the right one for your needs can be difficult,
deciding is the hard part simply because there are literally hundreds of free themes, out there, perhaps
even thousands of free themes, but which ones are really good for your website.

SEO themes, all claim to give you an advantage over other themes, but do they really do that for you?

There are a number of platform themes out there from Thesis to Socrates and even several others, but which ones really do the job, the answer may not be as easy as you might imagine, for some a media theme is the answer because they use a lot of video to produce content for their websites, for others it is a learning environment, that attracts visitors, tutorials, FTP, PHP, Web development, are all factors to consider when looking at the right theme for your wordpress website.

Just because a theme is free does not mean it is good for your website, in fact, often these free themes, have links embedded often in places you do not even know exist, like white space, and in places where you may not even notice them, what they are doing though is generating links back to other websites, this robs your website of link juice, and it robs you of your resources.

So be aware, that if your not careful you could be finding yourself in a situation where you think you have the right theme but in reality you have the most wrong theme you could possibly have.

have a good look at your websites theme, really look at the programming or if you cannot, then you can get it done on for just five bucks, it is a wise investment, in one such case, a friend found a theme, that was visiting different websites, using PHP code, to do it, what happened was that his website was viewed as a spammer, cookie stuffing and different black hat stuff, all going on inside this guys free theme, now really do not take it for granted.

Make sure you have the right theme for your website, it can make a huge difference in your efforts.


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