WordPress Templates hard to understand?

Do you find wordpress is difficult to modify?

With the recent changes to wordpress version 3.0 there are even more challenges for the wordpress enthusiast.

Now with patches, and the new menu system, it creates an entire new world of product and SEO opportunities.

In fact, there have now been updates and patches, so now the official version is 3.0.1

My wife, (I love you sweetie) Cannot use a remote control without some help, ) this is part of how you learn and how your mind works, some people have a natural ability to use electronics.

I know how that sounds, but she can read and understand, the anatomical structure, of a molecule, but she can’t post to word press or even figure out how to log in.

I know, it seems strange, right, someone smart enough to learn bio chemistry, but can figure out word press.

One of the issues when dealing with wordpress is that it seems to confuse people.

Often using WordPress software is hard to get started, but it is the technical side of the process, installing WordPress templates and themes, that can really create a learning curve.

There is a lot to understand and the list is Big…
Starting with code, PHP, CSS and other confusing abbreviations that at first may not fit into your verbal lexicon.

This is unfortunate, as creating a WordPress blog can make a huge impact on web pages are indexed by the search engines,

mostly because google loves organization, yes you heard right, get organized if you really want that Google love squeeze,

So what is the deal, with using such a complicated method of rendering templates, and what is rendering anyway.

I thought that was all about fat or something, well, technically yes, but rendering or composing, or better yet, parsing, in techie speak, is all part of the job for the wordpress enthusiast.

here is the basic structure, notice the word (basic)

  • index.php – this is the starting point or main template file for your WordPress blog
  • header.php – the header template Duh
  • footer.php – the footer template
  • page.php – for creating WordPress pages  (one of the most overlooked and important)
  • single.php – for creating WordPress posts
  • sidebar.php – the WordPress blog page navigation  (not entirely accurate) but a good start.
  • style.css – the stylesheet that makes up the layout for your WordPress blog.  (huge, I mean gargantuan)

Ok, now you can see a little into this strange and unusual world we call the wordpress template system.

But hey you know what you dont have to do any of this stuff you can get tons of themes free, in fact we have a place too, yes, follow the yellow brick road…

or just click here.

Get themes, and more, no fee involved, its really easy…

But you know it is really hard to find that perfect theme anyway and understanding how the templating system works can help you.

Using templates, to create and generate more from your wordpress website.

Did you know you can use PHP to change up the look of pages, in your wordpress blog.

so check back soon because we are going down the rabbit, hole…

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