ipad is it worth it?

No SD slot, why not, it just seems like a waste of the consumer time and money to try and sell alleged, crippled, products. Well the idea was something that many users were interested in however it appears that something wrong happened in this release, thin my be in but […]

Building a website

So you want to create your first website? You want to make a million bucks in ten mins or less? Well, forget it, that just will never happen in the real world. If you have been living in a false reality, then welcome back to earth. If you want to […]

SEO linking

What is the value of intelligent linking? Can you link your way to the top of the search engines? Do you know¬† how to create good links? Some people might tell you that you have to have a special formula, in order to get SEO results for your website, and […]

Generating traffic

Creating traffic is perhaps one of the most important things you can do for your blog yet, most people have a hard time doing that. Using only your brain how successful do you think you would be in generating traffic? Do you think you could do a good job? So […]