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Blog Posting updates keep the search engines coming back

How can you keep the search engines coming back for more? More posting and more topics, more content, more updates, this is what keeps the search engines coming back for more and more and that is what you want with wordpress websites. So how do you keep the updates coming, […]

Building wordpress websites with software.

Build a real website not just a template based webpage that everyone uses build a real website that will bring in traffic. Learn more about WordPress… There are many very good reasons why you should protect your website from getting hacked… Easy WordPress config is an easy to use software […]

Smart Advertising

    Perhaps you may have seen some of these oddball commercials that tend to be well intentioned but fall flat, Creating the best advertising possible is often about. How you present the advertising… Do you know more about advertising than you think you do? There is a good way […]

writing for the web

Life if full of surprises… Everything changes… From day to day from week to week and from month to month change is the only thing you can really count on. Developing websites and content. Opening a business would of course require a lot of things, to get straight to the […]

The death of article marekting?

Back door backlinks do more harm than good. WHY Article Marketing no longer works. There is a funeral about to be held, and already most people have missed the wake.Is this the end of article marketing, it may well be the hand writing on the wall simplybecause of the way […]