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Is the Internet in trouble?

Quietly over the last few weeks the FCC has collectively attempted to take more power over Cable TV, Sattelite TV and now the Internet. You should be aware that big brother is not just watching anymore… Will the FCC shut down the internet, or will it just kill it? Some […]

The new Ebay is it good or bad?

UPdate, 10/13/2009 Well our revenue is down a whopping 3200 percent since the change, we are now completely out of the ebay program, it is just not worth it any more. Good luck to the rest of you guys, hope you do well, but really I can see it, I […]

Ebay new affiliate program ends profitable relationships?

Is this the end for Ebay affiliate programs that used to be profitable? Looks like a flat line to me, pronounced dead at 1201 am oct 1 2009 May ebay rest in pieces, as commissioned sales flat line across the board. do you notice how your commissions are gone now? […]