googles huge ego problem

Google like many in the past may have over looked something very important to how public companies work…

The main thing here is that people are the moving forces behind every company.

So has google gone too far with is more strict presentation of search results?

The signs say no at least not just yet, it could get out of hand naturally but so far it looks like things are better over all.

In an effort to appease the Google Gods, many webmasters and website owners have gone to a original content production model, which can only be a good thing but there are some that have moved let us say off the reservation entirely, for example EZA whom apparently and allegedly think that if they hire grammar experts somehow they will be redeemed in the eyes of the great and mighty totem which is google.

The problem with EZA and every other outfit out there attempting to cull their database and censor articles from a draconian sense of the word is that they have forgotten what is driving the recent changes at google in the first place.

The Consumer.

Yes, that means that the consumer or the reader may not be an english professor nor will they appreciate proper grammar and etiquette.

This is the conundrum, that EZA faces, they have failed (allegedly) in the past so they have adopted a scorched earth model of pronouncement, where every article submitted must be of the best of the best of the rest, and there shall be no punctuation errors.

Sorry Charlie, but that is just more bad thinking, consumers want one thing when searching for content, readable informative information.

They do not care about the grammar police nor are they terribly concerned with perfect English, it is after all perhaps one of the most difficult languages to perfect, you will not find it here, and you will not find it at 90 percent of the online publications in the world.

Yet, someone misguided “activists” at EZA think that somehow if they are perfect then they can get the juice back they lost, sadly that likely and allegedly will never happen.

Better luck next time guys, for now you at the back of the bus.


BAD news if you have been doing any of the following.

If you are trading links and or buying links from blog farms, then you need to get up to date fast on this issue.

The word is out and a lot of these blog farms, that allegedly sell links, could be in a lot of hot water with the giant search engine Google, among those website models that are at risk of being beaten severely about the head and shoulders, are allegedly auto blogs, large and numerous blog farms, that beget many different types of blogs, some that are identical just with a different title or domain name, still others, use many different subdomains, in an attempt to develop SEO power.

In the past apparently this was working because why would google bother with policing these blog farms if it did not work.

So the question becomes, now what do you do when your favorite blog network is black balled, (allegedly) by google will your website be guilty by association?

One example that comes to mind is the seo link vine model which allegedly might be considered such a thing as a farm, it is a loosely coupled, platform, (allegedly) that charges a fee for back links, (allegedly) this would seem to violate in a multiplicity of ways the very thing that google seems to be going after, which is sort of a scary thing if your involved with that organization.

Which just goes to show you that buying back links in any form, what ever is just not good.

Perhaps they will learn the hard way that there is just no free lunch,

The main thing is this, if your associated with one of the alleged rule breaking, scum bucket, blog farms, then you might want to consider the possibility that your choices may in the end effect your business.

Just saying.

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