Developing a wordpress business website

Perhaps you may have heard some of the rumors concerning wordpress websites and how they are not always as secure as some other CMS systems.

The truth is that nothing is 100 percent secure however you can take steps to reduce those risks and also to develop a better website presence.

    In a conversation with a client recently we discussed using wordpress as the basis for a website the number one objection (offered by a family member who designed Two dollar websites, was that wordpress was not secure so it was a waste of time to use them, that is wrong in so many ways I just do not know where to start.

  1. WordPress is as secure as you make it, (if you do not know how to properly install software you will have this problem)
  2. Installation is everything (avoid using automatic installers)  Auto installed wordpress is the worse thing you can do to your website and its users.
  3. Setting up wordpress is one of the most important things you can do few users know how to do this correctly. 

    The truth about security is often just a matter of taking the right steps to secure your website since just about any website is a target using wordpress is really just as safe as any other software online.If you leave the door open someone is going to come in and cause you trouble it is as simple as that even if your successful in developing a better website you face the same issues and in some cases you face more problems by not using wordpress.

The simple facts here are clear, the home town website designer wants to keep clients on a leash so they can be in complete control over that website and the update process, they charge a fee just to change the text in an article, they charge a fee to upload, its the way they did it back in 1999 and likely the website looks like it was made in 1999 too.

Make sure you get away from those people that do not really know what they are doing if someone tells you that you have to depend upon them to update and host your website find another provider because that is just not a good way to do business, I know from experience that these fly by night webmasters are often just not educated or even skilled.

As an example I know a client who was paying $89.00 per month for a shared Godaddy website tonight account and on top of that they paid $800 per month for service now that is insane but often what you see in developing business accounts are people who do not know the business and do not know technology so they fall victim to these con artists.

You do not have to rely on anyone but your self and your employees, you can learn to run and update your own website and why not after all who can do it better than you?  Simply because it is your business and you are the one that can best describe and promote your own business.

If you feel, (stuck) and you just dont know what to do we can help.

use the contact us link we can help you build a better website.

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