Securing WordPress

Over the last few years we have seen various issues regarding the security of wordpress installations.

One of the greatest security risks is created by the installer not the software itself.

If you are using an automatic wordpress installer be aware your website is more than 50 percent more likely to have security problems over websites installed manually.

There are tons of products out there that claim to help you secure your wordpress installation, but what if these products are not effective.

What happens if your investing your time and money into a product that was created by someone that does not know how to actually secure a website.

Developing a good wordpress website is more important than the content on the website, why is that?

Simple its because if your not securing your website, then your content is worth nothing…

Developing a better approach to reducing abuse is what every wordpress webmaster should be doing on a regular basis.

   Wordpress security is all about what you do when you first install your website, its not about what you do after the website is installed and running, though there are some steps that should be taken the most important thing about a website is its foundation.

If you are not securing the foundation how can you secure the structure of your website?

This is important and there are a lot of people out there that have purchased cheap information products by so called Guru Sellers, out there and these (in the know) Gurus are giving their customers the absolute worst advice possible.


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