Is this a poisoned apple?

Some polls are allegedly showing that the recent move by apple has caused millions of dollars in damages.

Is apple over stepping its bounds, according to rumors, allegedly apple is attempting to buy ARM holdings, and again allegedly the price tag is a whopping 8 Billion, the really scary thing here is the notion that someone else may have been making a move to acquire, the business that creates most of the processors used in the mobile market, including the ipad.

So if another company was looking at buying out this company, in an effort, to say cut off apple from its supply, that would be huge.

The real question here is would anyone feel sorry for apple after the recent very unpopular move apple made by changing all its license terms for thousands of developers and customers, for the 4.0 SDK.

Now Microsoft seems to be making moves in the same way…

Microsoft rumors allegedly say is also making moves to push developers away from other markets, and into only microsoft markets.

The idea here is to force people to only use your tools, only allow them to do what you say they can do.

Is this the kind of freedom that produced two of the more powerful companies in the world today?

It just seems a little like black mail, all this infighting and back biting.

So now we have wars that apparently will begin to involve anti trust suits, looks a little frightening as well as sad too.

Why can we all just get along?

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