Steve Jobs or Steve Martin?

The days where you thought you were doing the right thing by investing in apple products and services, may have come to a screeching halt you have to wonder about the scope of the behavior of some leaders, specifically over at apple, where you wonder if Steve Jobs is acting like the actor Steve Martin, allegedly like in the movie “The Jerk”

With the now famous “thoughts on flash” post which allegedly came from the donkeys mouth, (allegedly) you just have to wonder what is going on over there, are they in control of what they are doing or are they just behaving like a donkey.

On the third of april myself like apparently nearly a quarter of a million USA residents went out and purchased an ipad, we were thinking about the hype and how neat it would be to own one, but I was thinking about how cool it would be to actually produce software for the ipad…

Then just hours later, Jobs allegedly kicks sand in the faces of everyone that purchased an ipad, by changing the rules of the game, no notice was given.

It was just done… without regard to the consquences, I just have one thing to say, Public Relations Nightmare, (again allegedly) I would hate to be the victum of the apparently and allegedly unstable Jobs persona.

We have heard stories about the glass elevator…

But really, what is happening over at apple, have they lost their minds?

In a way this is sort of like peanuts…

In many ways I feel like charlie brown, I feel like I have been let down by apple, I feel like they have done something to my wheaties.   I am not happy and I am not alone…

I was preparing to upgrade my computers, but now that is all on hold as it appears that the jerk may be planning some kind of stupidity (allegedly) and I may want to invest in some other platform…

I sure hope something can be done because so far I am not impressed with the recent logic and actions of the fearless leader, because it is sort of like the iron curtain and it sucks and I dont like it and I am not alone…  >

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