keyword marketing

There are many different ways to market your products and services.

Developing the one special method that actually works now that is something very special.

Keywords are special they can create a method of attraction.

Developing a list of keywords can be a difficult process when you look at all of the different sources google, bing, yahoo and many others all offer different experiences and keywords can change so quickly that you could well be targeting keywords that are no longer in high demand which would mean that your spending a lot of time and effort and getting little or no results.

You may have seen some developers that sell lists of keywords do you ever wonder about why those lists of keywords often do not yield results.

The truth may be that those lists of keywords are not well researched or even of much value.

You might see an advertisement like this one…

magine — you getting top ranking on Google within
hours (sometimes minutes?).

And not only that — it takes very little work (easily
outsourced) — so it costs you NOTHING.

But in reality it is not only going to cost you some money but it will very likely cost you position and rank as well.

The truth is that these keywords are usually worthless because they are based on flawed information, when you add in all the variables of time, date, hour, and other statistics that have direct impact on how well your website can be indexed however over time this really means little or nothing.

Doing research about the right kinds of keywords to use what they call buying keywords now that is something that would work well to produce additional sales.

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