Creating a wordpress website from the ground up

What are the steps for creating a wordpress website and how can you manage the needs of the website versus the public consumption.

is it simple or is it more than that?

WordPress the platform that google just loves from day one…

So what can you do with wordpress and how can it help you.

Getting started with wordpress is not the easy five min thing they say it is, it requires a lot of work after the five min install, but hey that is what life is all about right, working hard to get the job done, but that is not always what people want, most of the time people want it all and they do not want to do anything at all to get what they want, but if you are willing to do a little work you can make a spash using wordpress.

Creating a wordpress website or blog, should be a very thoughtful process, it should not be a quick little nothing.

Unless you dont want any traffic that is, then you can just do it fast and easy.

However, if your interested in creating a wordpress blog or website that people actually want to come and visit then you should read this very carefully, choose wisely the title of your blog.

The description should also be very well thought out, do some research, some keyword research.

Yes, indeed, if you were to spend just 15 min thinking about and doing some actual research you would find that there are literally thousands and thousands of keywords that you can take advantage of by using your wordpress blog more effectively.

Using Easy Wp Config software you can quickly and easily setup a wordpress blog, but that is not really what you want to do.

What you want is to carefully consider the keyword and keyword phrases that you want to incorporate in your installation.

That is the most important part of installing wordpress it is more about the foundation that you create when you install the software, the words and descriptions you use they are the most important part of your foundation.

Think about it, would you use small nails to nail your house together or larger stronger nails.

Of course the answer is obvious it is the stronger nails that you would want to use.

You can even use the google adwords tool to do your keyword research.  Go ahead and try it out, think about a niche website you want to install and go here.

Take special note about how many searches are done and select choose those battles that you think you can win.

Wink Wink,)  in other words you would not choose a keyword that has billions of other webpages competing because your chances of getting listed in the top ten are slim, but what about say a few hundred thousand searches.

Now that is possible in fact, I did it just the other day.

So installing a wordpress website or blog is more than it at first may seem to be, think about it, )

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