Writing and blogging

Can you write.

If you can write then you can blog…

publishing your thoughts, that is what most people think that blogging is, but in reality it is really more about creating a place where people can come and not only be entertained, but informed.

Did you know that creating content is something that anyone can do and that with practice you can get really good at it.

Writing is a process, and that process takes several steps.

You may think that the first step of writing is to start putting words on a page, but that is not it at all.

The first step in writing is to do the research, that means that you need to have knowledge of what you are going to be writing about, unless your writing fiction and even then you still need to have research, because that is what makes your writing come alive, realism, is a huge part of writing well.

Now lets talk about getting that realistic, component working for you in your research and how you can do the research.

For example lets say you are writing about a garden, well you may not have to actually have your own garden to be able to write about a garden, however, it really helps immensely, to be able to know what your talking about, growing your own garden and writing about it, is also a process.

Once you have gained some knowledge, and once you have done some research, it is time to put down either on paper or on a text edit page, or wordpad, an outline.

Outlines, work to help you define what your writing about, and that is very important because you could end up talking about things that are not important to your audience and that is very bad, but dont worry if you do that, and every one does, at one time or another, you can work on that skill by editing your work.


Now this is one of the hardest things to do, really successful writers, hire an editor, and sometimes fire an editor, but for most of us and yes probably the rest of us, we cant afford to hire someone to help us so we have to do our own editing.

Now that is a little hard to do, but it can be done with practice.

In order to edit, you need to be able to look at what you have written and decide if it need to change, if it needs to flow better, for an example, if you used the wrong tense in a sentence, then you would need to adjust that so you can improve your writing skills, that is what editing is all about.

Be on the look out as we continue to update and produce this series on writing, dont miss a word, because it can be that important to your future, writing…

If you are interested in writing and getting published just visit us here.

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