The end of the Internet?

Is this the end of free speech? the end of the Internet? The end of freedom as you know it?

Is this an end run around the constitution? If so when can we expect to see the same kind of action from our senators and congressmen?

Because I would love to see that kind of change in washington…

As you may have heard there are some brain damaged people, in washington that have had the bright idea that while they do not have to reveal when they have been paid to do something, now the rest of the internet has to do what they would never do.

So now they are saying that if you fail to fully disclose if you were paid money or in product, (wonder if that includes other things as well) oh well, as some have pointed out, it is crazy that we have people in our government that would never ever admit that they have been paid by special interest groups to vote one way or the other, yet, now we have these yahoos, that want to restrict the internet.

In fact here one such alleged crazy loon,

“As a Google engineer who has seen the damage done by fake blogs, sock puppets, and endless scams on the internet, I’m happy to take the opposite position: I think the FTC guidelines will make the web more useful and more trustworthy for consumers,” he says. “Consumers don’t want to be shilled and they don’t want payola; they want a web that they can trust. The FTC guidelines just say that material connections should be disclosed. From having dealt with these issues over several years, I believe that will be a good thing for the web.”

Excuse me your kidding right, I can see why google may have allegedly got rid of this guy.

So check out the latest crazy mess that our peeps are up to in washington.

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