The end of the Internet?

Is this the end of free speech? the end of the Internet? The end of freedom as you know it? Is this an end run around the constitution? If so when can we expect to see the same kind of action from our senators and congressmen? Because I would love […]

Writing Skills

 Have you ever considered what it takes to write well, besides a natural talent for writing words that have meaning and entertain at the same time. Developing great content is about communicating, talking, teaching, it is more of an art then most people realize.Writing is not something that you can […]

advertising online

   Everyone Advertises online…Finding the right methods to get the attention of your reading and viewing audience is a challenge.  Reaching out to consumers is not as easy as you might think.. Many customers are very jaded about marketing and advertising which can often lead to a cause and effect […]

Trusting Google?

The company that made the statement, “Do no Evil” as their motto, May have just found out that the public is very fickle indeed. The problem at issues, (allegedly) is that Google may have made a big mistake in how they are treating their core user group, (Publishers) After all […]

Google Raising a Generation of Consumers who will hate advertisers?

Is it possible that Google may be about to make a huge mistake in how they have decided to run their business. By allegedly mistreating and abusing, publishers, google could be creating an entire generation of young people who will hate google… Think about that for a moment then consider […]