Creating A Website

Building traffic links and building websites is a waste of your time.

Does it really matter any more what you do to try to get your website ranked higher? Google is all about punishing the bad players, but if your not careful you could end up being lumped together with the bad guys even if your a good one. Links both good […]

Building a website and making it great

¬†Website Design it really is more than just a pretty picture. ¬†There are so many things that go into building a great website not just the graphics or even the layout, but the content and the way the websites communicate with your website visitors. One of the things that people […]

blogging is work?

No way blogging is work, or is it? How much time do you spend writing, doing research, creating graphics and just spending time maintaining your website? So, its relative, some may consider it work while others consider it fun… If you do it on a regular basis and that is […]

Why Auto Blogging is such a failure

Auto RSS feeds, Auto posting, Auto plugins, Auto this and Auto that, but you know what none of it works, if you have tried it you know what I am saying is true but do you know what it does not work like they say it does? There is a […]