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Small Business wordpress

WordPress, is a publishing platform, developed to allow average internet users to publish websites online. Recently though small business users have begun to develop websites using wordpress simply because employees can be trained to manage the website with much less over head than paying a developer to make small changes. […]

How to get a Website Indexed Faster

Get your website Indexed Faster, than the usual suspects and make it stick. What does getting indexed mean? The search engines keep a cache of every web page in their index. In English, this means: The search engines make a copy of every web page they visit and put in […]

Internet Marketing what is your plan?

Have you considered, what it takes to make money online? If so do you have a plan where you can actually take the right steps to accomplishing your goals. Do you have a plan? With all the tools and all the Ebooks online and offline, books, and resources, you just […]