Free Software

Building wordpress websites with software.

Build a real website not just a template based webpage that everyone uses build a real website that will bring in traffic. Learn more about WordPress… There are many very good reasons why you should protect your website from getting hacked… Easy WordPress config is an easy to use software […]

Building a website and making it great

¬†Website Design it really is more than just a pretty picture. ¬†There are so many things that go into building a great website not just the graphics or even the layout, but the content and the way the websites communicate with your website visitors. One of the things that people […]

Using social book marking

Developing a new method that works. Amazing how much social networking has changed over the years. Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, digg, Are you wasting your time with these social bookmarking websites? and Does it really work? How effective is it, if you spent hours and hours trying to get back links […]

Can you really make money with wordpress and blogging?

The answer in short is Yes you can… There are many different methods of using wordpress for creating compelling and interesting methods of making money using plugins and other custom programming methods. Affiliates, selling products, selling traffic, selling memberships, and so much more. The one thing that wordpress will not […]