The wordpress secret to building your business

Many small business owners have a website but many more do not… They think that because they may not have been as successful as they hoped that they will not be successful at all, but the truth is there are lots of excuses… ¬†You built it but they did not […]

Ebay clicks is it robbing you of commissions

Will Ebay change its affiliate program or will they continue to allegedly change the way that your commissions are determined? its drastic and the news is out the result allegedly is a huge cut in affiliate commissions. This is bad business and it is bad for business, just bad all […]

apple laptops too high?

Update 2 do you think that apple lap top prices are too high, well here are a few things you might consider… Update, guess what I ordered a laptop, with extra memory and apple had to go to china to get it… Now that fine folks is just well not […]

Generating traffic

Creating traffic is perhaps one of the most important things you can do for your blog yet, most people have a hard time doing that. Using only your brain how successful do you think you would be in generating traffic? Do you think you could do a good job? So […]

Using Keywords to create traffic

Does it really work, can you really create more traffic by using keywords? Why not put it to the test, try it out, find a few keywords, and write about them, use them in your posts, and not just as a keyword but as a topic, and as a tag […]