ipad is it worth it?

No SD slot, why not, it just seems like a waste of the consumer time and money to try and sell alleged, crippled, products. Well the idea was something that many users were interested in however it appears that something wrong happened in this release, thin my be in but […]

ipad is it really all that?

Imagine what you can do… Is it a brand new market, a brand new day? Is this a brand new marketplace? Will the ipad become the next ipod? There are nearly 750 thousand of these ipads and the number is growing, that means that there are literally new customers all […]

ipad the hype meets the rubber

Is the ipad really a big deal, or is it like some say an iphad?  Some have alleged that SJ has caused such a problem for apple execs that some have alleged that it may only be a matter of time before he may be asked to step down…  I […]

CS 5 Gives Jobs the finger?

Looks like SJ, ended up looking sort of well allegedly stupid… Is CS5 still claiming they can package an iphone app?  Answer is No…  Why, Ask SJ, he knows and he does not even work for adobe… Well in a video of recent date, it would appear that is in […]