Software that thinks around the corner.

Have you ever thought about how nice it would be if you could just speak and a software tool could be devised that would help make your job easier? Well, this technology has been available for a long time however there is a drawback, it is expensive. Smart software may […]

bricking a jail broken iphone

Will there be a huge legal battle in the next few months? Will apple run afoul of the UCC, and the DCMA, even prehaps the FTC? Thousands of people have jail broken their iphones and now ipads and Stevie jobs seems to be living in some other world. What kind […]

CS 5 Gives Jobs the finger?

Looks like SJ, ended up looking sort of well allegedly stupid… Is CS5 still claiming they can package an iphone app?  Answer is No…  Why, Ask SJ, he knows and he does not even work for adobe… Well in a video of recent date, it would appear that is in […]

Developing for the iphone or iPad?

SDK 4.0 no one knows what will happen next, will steve jobs turn out to be an illegal alien? Will the pod people show up? will the FTC file suit against apple?   Should they? Have thousands of developers been harmed by apples inane acts? with the recent updates to […]