Blog Posting updates keep the search engines coming back

How can you keep the search engines coming back for more? More posting and more topics, more content, more updates, this is what keeps the search engines coming back for more and more and that is what you want with wordpress websites. So how do you keep the updates coming, […]

Building a website and making it great

 Website Design it really is more than just a pretty picture.  There are so many things that go into building a great website not just the graphics or even the layout, but the content and the way the websites communicate with your website visitors. One of the things that people […]

Theme Development

 What really makes a great theme… When you think about it what do you know about themes? Creating PHP themes, is it something that you can learn how to do or should you use a tool?Learning is always a good option because it gives you that first hand still as […]

Building your wordpress website

If you had a chance to start all over again with a new website would you do it differently? would you generate more research or better articles? Most website owners are not fully aware of how important the little details can be when installing a website. WordPress is one of […]

WordPress repost plugin

Do you have tons of PLR material just sitting on your hard drive? PLR, or Private Label Rights, is material that most marketers have just waiting to be used, most of the time, it is material that will never be used because for some editing and writing is not an […]