do follow or no follow which one or does it really matter at all?

Links are links right or are they? Some argue that links are links and no matter what you say a link is a link is a link, and they may be right. So which is it, do follow, no follow, follow some of the time, follow every once in a […]

Software that thinks around the corner.

Have you ever thought about how nice it would be if you could just speak and a software tool could be devised that would help make your job easier? Well, this technology has been available for a long time however there is a drawback, it is expensive. Smart software may […]

Kajabi good bad or just plain Ugly

Just curious anyone seen all the big high dollar bucks, from using the great and mighty jabi? I mean it was a great and exciting video to watch but have you seen the results that they said you could get? Has there been even two or three success stories that […]

Why outsourcing by the hour is a waste of your money

If you want to throw away your money, pay someone by the hour. Just like you would if you pay someone to mow your lawn, by the hour it will cost you twice as much as by the job. Simply because you loose your ability and leverage as a buyer, […]