Building a website and making it great

¬†Website Design it really is more than just a pretty picture. ¬†There are so many things that go into building a great website not just the graphics or even the layout, but the content and the way the websites communicate with your website visitors. One of the things that people […]

Using WordPress

There are a lot of wordpress websites out there and there are a lot of guides to using wordpress. Building a website is much like building a home, you want to start out on a firm foundation. There is one very important aspect of developing a wordpress website that few […]

WordPress Marketing

Tools are like shovels if you do not use them you cannot dig a ditch. Combining memberships with product development, is one of the fastest growing business models. Developing WordPress PHP programming is becoming very popular. Plugins the long and short of using them and why that may change soon… […]

WordPress Templates hard to understand?

Do you find wordpress is difficult to modify? With the recent changes to wordpress version 3.0 there are even more challenges for the wordpress enthusiast. Now with patches, and the new menu system, it creates an entire new world of product and SEO opportunities. In fact, there have now been […]