Auto Blogging why it fails every time and what you can do to really compete

┬áImagine what might happen if you were to find a way to develop a valuable blog and then profit from that value you created… Concept blogging, is all about finding a niche and producing content that people want to read. Managing content is not easy, it is not push button, […]

Blogging to the bank.

┬áIf you are like most bloggers your not making one thin dime. But that’s OK because your passionate about what your doing and most of the time your not that interested in making money. Bloggers and Blogee’s, Are you blogging to the bank? If you have been trying to blog […]

Google Raising a Generation of Consumers who will hate advertisers?

Is it possible that Google may be about to make a huge mistake in how they have decided to run their business. By allegedly mistreating and abusing, publishers, google could be creating an entire generation of young people who will hate google… Think about that for a moment then consider […]