The end of the Internet?

Is this the end of free speech? the end of the Internet? The end of freedom as you know it? Is this an end run around the constitution? If so when can we expect to see the same kind of action from our senators and congressmen? Because I would love […]

Auto Blogging why it fails every time and what you can do to really compete

¬†Imagine what might happen if you were to find a way to develop a valuable blog and then profit from that value you created… Concept blogging, is all about finding a niche and producing content that people want to read. Managing content is not easy, it is not push button, […]

writing for the web

Life if full of surprises… Everything changes… From day to day from week to week and from month to month change is the only thing you can really count on. Developing websites and content. Opening a business would of course require a lot of things, to get straight to the […]

keyword marketing

There are many different ways to market your products and services. Developing the one special method that actually works now that is something very special. Keywords are special they can create a method of attraction. Developing a list of keywords can be a difficult process when you look at all […]