writing for the web

Life if full of surprises… Everything changes… From day to day from week to week and from month to month change is the only thing you can really count on. Developing websites and content. Opening a business would of course require a lot of things, to get straight to the […]

The wordpress secret to building your business

Many small business owners have a website but many more do not… They think that because they may not have been as successful as they hoped that they will not be successful at all, but the truth is there are lots of excuses…  You built it but they did not […]

Writing Skills

 Have you ever considered what it takes to write well, besides a natural talent for writing words that have meaning and entertain at the same time. Developing great content is about communicating, talking, teaching, it is more of an art then most people realize.Writing is not something that you can […]

The death of article marekting?

Back door backlinks do more harm than good. WHY Article Marketing no longer works. There is a funeral about to be held, and already most people have missed the wake.Is this the end of article marketing, it may well be the hand writing on the wall simplybecause of the way […]

Blogging and writing

Developing good website content is more than just the sum of its parts, it is much more. Do you blog and write copy online? Are you constantly challenged with how to create compelling content? Creative thinking is all about what you can do with the time you have in a […]