Auto Blogging why it fails every time and what you can do to really compete

¬†Imagine what might happen if you were to find a way to develop a valuable blog and then profit from that value you created… Concept blogging, is all about finding a niche and producing content that people want to read. Managing content is not easy, it is not push button, […]

Learning WordPress can be easy…

Creating a website, used to be a difficult and very hard thing to do. When your considering a CMS system, there is really only one main consideration. Can you learn how to use it. Want to learn wordpress inside and out, take a peek at this, Step by Step learning […]

WordPress Marketing

Tools are like shovels if you do not use them you cannot dig a ditch. Combining memberships with product development, is one of the fastest growing business models. Developing WordPress PHP programming is becoming very popular. Plugins the long and short of using them and why that may change soon… […]

Why outsourcing by the hour is a waste of your money

If you want to throw away your money, pay someone by the hour. Just like you would if you pay someone to mow your lawn, by the hour it will cost you twice as much as by the job. Simply because you loose your ability and leverage as a buyer, […]

The new Ebay is it good or bad?

UPdate, 10/13/2009 Well our revenue is down a whopping 3200 percent since the change, we are now completely out of the ebay program, it is just not worth it any more. Good luck to the rest of you guys, hope you do well, but really I can see it, I […]