Thousand Dollars

Building traffic links and building websites is a waste of your time.

Does it really matter any more what you do to try to get your website ranked higher? Google is all about punishing the bad players, but if your not careful you could end up being lumped together with the bad guys even if your a good one. Links both good […]

music for the rest of us

Royalty Free Music..

More than ever before it has become so important to make sure that you are not using music that is restricted by its copyright owner. How important is using Qualified music on all your website and video projects? With all the lawsuits out there you might begin to wonder about […]

Instant publishing

We live in an instant world, A world where everything must be here and now… we live in an instant society, where all you have to do is to push a button and presto chango, something new has been created. Can publishing really be as fast as pushing a button, […]

Will apple pay the price for jobs alleged mental illness

This is just a thought, so the thought police, should be aware, that thinking is not currently illegal of course that may change. . . . Is Steve Jobs, Mentally ill? ┬áif so what can the board of apple do about this alleged condition, and just because someone says that […]