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Building wordpress websites with software.

Build a real website not just a template based webpage that everyone uses build a real website that will bring in traffic. Learn more about WordPress… There are many very good reasons why you should protect your website from getting hacked… Easy WordPress config is an easy to use software […]

Learning WordPress can be easy…

Creating a website, used to be a difficult and very hard thing to do. When your considering a CMS system, there is really only one main consideration. Can you learn how to use it. Want to learn wordpress inside and out, take a peek at this, Step by Step learning […]

Is the Internet in trouble?

Quietly over the last few weeks the FCC has collectively attempted to take more power over Cable TV, Sattelite TV and now the Internet. You should be aware that big brother is not just watching anymore… Will the FCC shut down the internet, or will it just kill it? Some […]

apple laptops too high?

Update 2 do you think that apple lap top prices are too high, well here are a few things you might consider… Update, guess what I ordered a laptop, with extra memory and apple had to go to china to get it… Now that fine folks is just well not […]

The new Ebay is it good or bad?

UPdate, 10/13/2009 Well our revenue is down a whopping 3200 percent since the change, we are now completely out of the ebay program, it is just not worth it any more. Good luck to the rest of you guys, hope you do well, but really I can see it, I […]