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Google SEO and getting your website listed.

How can you get the attention and love you want from Google when most users are not really recognized, offered the same love and Page rank Have you ever seen what can happen when hundreds of people are out there trying to get your attention all at the same time? […]

Why Auto Blogging is such a failure

Auto RSS feeds, Auto posting, Auto plugins, Auto this and Auto that, but you know what none of it works, if you have tried it you know what I am saying is true but do you know what it does not work like they say it does? There is a […]

Building a website

So you want to create your first website? You want to make a million bucks in ten mins or less? Well, forget it, that just will never happen in the real world. If you have been living in a false reality, then welcome back to earth. If you want to […]

wordpress is becoming the most powerful…

One of the many reasons why wordpress is becoming so popular is that it is constantly being developed. Keyword and keyword phrases how SEO traffic and google tracks word press websites. Online website and blogging platform around and there are┬ádefinite┬ábenefits. The statistics are beginning to indicate that this could well […]