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The wordpress secret to building your business

Many small business owners have a website but many more do not… They think that because they may not have been as successful as they hoped that they will not be successful at all, but the truth is there are lots of excuses… ¬†You built it but they did not […]

Why Auto Blogging is such a failure

Auto RSS feeds, Auto posting, Auto plugins, Auto this and Auto that, but you know what none of it works, if you have tried it you know what I am saying is true but do you know what it does not work like they say it does? There is a […]

WordPress Templates hard to understand?

Do you find wordpress is difficult to modify? With the recent changes to wordpress version 3.0 there are even more challenges for the wordpress enthusiast. Now with patches, and the new menu system, it creates an entire new world of product and SEO opportunities. In fact, there have now been […]

Creating a wordpress website from the ground up

What are the steps for creating a wordpress website and how can you manage the needs of the website versus the public consumption. is it simple or is it more than that? WordPress the platform that google just loves from day one… So what can you do with wordpress and […]

Easy Wp config easily install websites

Want thousands of visitors every month, want organic search engine traffic that kicks your competitions Butt… Then hang around, because I can show you how you can improve your traffic and increase your rankings in the process. Software for MAC OSX and Windows that helps you create and install wordpress […]