Securing WordPress

Over the last few years we have seen various issues regarding the security of wordpress installations. One of the greatest security risks is created by the installer not the software itself. If you are using an automatic wordpress installer be aware your website is more than 50 percent more likely […]

Auto Blogging why it fails every time and what you can do to really compete

¬†Imagine what might happen if you were to find a way to develop a valuable blog and then profit from that value you created… Concept blogging, is all about finding a niche and producing content that people want to read. Managing content is not easy, it is not push button, […]

Writing Skills

¬†Have you ever considered what it takes to write well, besides a natural talent for writing words that have meaning and entertain at the same time. Developing great content is about communicating, talking, teaching, it is more of an art then most people realize.Writing is not something that you can […]

What is Auto Blogging and does it work?

Imagine for a moment that you want to be successful at working online and the only way to do that is to have your own website. It is true that without marketing your own content to support your own products your likely not going to succeed in any real way. […]

Learning WordPress can be easy…

Creating a website, used to be a difficult and very hard thing to do. When your considering a CMS system, there is really only one main consideration. Can you learn how to use it. Want to learn wordpress inside and out, take a peek at this, Step by Step learning […]