Blogging to the bank.

 If you are like most bloggers your not making one thin dime.

But that’s OK because your passionate about what your doing and most of the time your not that interested in making money.

Bloggers and Blogee’s,

Are you blogging to the bank?

If you have been trying to blog and have found that you just cant seem to get up to speed then read on.

If you have been around for even a short time in the blogging world you know, for every one article on blogging there are ten that claim you can become a millionaire over night from blogging, yet few people ever even make one thin dime blogging.

We know that becoming a millionaire from blogging alone is not very likely.

However making money from blogging is possible and in fact if you follow one of many possible guides in this area you are likely to have at least some success, the operative word here is some success, however there are still many people that believe in the do nothing get rich lie and this is a lie make no mistake about it.

There is no such thing as a free lunch and yes virginia there is a santa clause.

Blogging is all about original content and research, those two things make a huge difference in how your blog works for you instead of against you, knowing how to do the research and what to blog about is crucial to your success as a blogger and in fact keeping up to date with your content is crucial to your success.

Using adsense is almost a dead science yet so many attempt to depend on it to make money.

Is adsense really dead as so many are beginning to say?  The answer to that may be a big fat yes, adsense as an advertising medium is still of some advantage however as a publisher there are far more profitable mediums out there that can bring in more money and less stress than trying to keep up with the adsense boogooloo and the quagmire that is google.

So if adsense is no longer the best way to monetize my blog then what is the real answer?

Social marketing?


Forum marketing?


What really Works?


These are good questions and they are on just about everyone’s mind these days, how do I create the best posts that get the attention of the search engines. Readers of blogs these are the people you want to reach, the same people that read and click, that is what it is all about, reaching out to the people online that want to read the information that you provide.

Blogging is not just one person making posts on a website that no one reads, blogging is a lot more than just that but it is an important part of the ongoing success of creating websites online as well as producing traffic and interested readers of your blog, blogging success is more about content and using SEO techniques to link to your blog and using links from other blogs to create more interest in your blog by SEO search engines.

When is a secret not a secret?


There are a few secrets that once you realize how it works you will be surprised at what you can accomplish in blogging, these secrets are really not as secret as you might imagine but they can be difficult to understand unless you have a background in website creation and website production, marketing in this brave new world can be a challenge and even with all the tricks and tips you can find often it is just not enough.

The secret that is no secret…

what is that and how does it work?

Well the secret is effort, but it is not the only thing you need, you also need to put some effort and a little elbow grease into your blog and you will find success, wait don’t go anywhere there is a lot more, however it is important to realize that if you are thinking that you can do nothing and still make money then chances are you will not succeed in the blogging world.

It takes effort and that is something that is difficult for many to hear because they have heard all these stories that tell them they can make all this money and fame by blogging alone, when the truth is that blogging alone is not likely to result in success by itself.

So you might ask, what can I do to get better results in blogging?

Well the answer to that question is many fold, there are several things you can do but diversification is the key to winning in this competitive blogging world.  Take for instance the link that most of you just clicked, just above this line, if you did not click on it then you are missing out on something that is very important.

This is not a new thing but it is something that has been called by many different names over the years, call it integrated marketing, complimentary awkward, however it does work and if you can find out what compliments your blog and what things that you can promote in your blog that runs along side your blog in just the right way then you have discovered what integrated marketing is all about.

While this may sound difficult it really is not, in fact in a recent commercial featuring a well known product, at the end of the commercial they featured an integrated product lets say for the sake of conversation that a company is selling grills and at the last 15 seconds of the commercial they have a small commercial for barbeque sauce, that is integrated marketing at its best, if you can find those two components of your blogging system that helps you identify what products go together then you can really do a lot better.

Are you going to get rich now?

Probably not, but you will certainly see more success if you apply these marketing techniques to your blogging and there are still more things that you can do to create more success and interest in your blogging stories.

Doing the research, keywords and keyword research is often one of the most boring things to do in fact it is often so boring that most bloggers do not bother doing it, which is a huge mistake, keyword research is one of those secrets that is no secret and it is something that you have to learn how to do in order to be more successful online.

So how do you find keyword and keyword phrases?


One way is to search them using keyword tools which you can get online and there are also some tools that are very expensive, I do not recommend them unless you are actually making money online, if you are just doing this as a hobby then you need to do it the hard way, that is the way of the blogging world, there is the hard way and there is the harder way, the harder way is what you have to do when you are not making much money online.

There is nothing wrong with that, because believe it or not 98 percent of online bloggers get little or no traffic and on top of that they get little or no money from that blogging even after reading ebook after ebook on the subject of making money blogging.

First take a few moments to get familiar with using a couple of good tools online for finding good keywords.

Tool one is the google adwords tool, which is located here.


The second one is Word Tracker which is a little more difficult to learn how to use in the right way but it can help you better define the keywords you are looking for when you do keyword research.

Use software to get the most out of your keyword research…

Do some searches and find out what people are searching for online.


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