Just what is a blog anyway, believe it or not there are a lot of people out there that just have no idea what a blog actually is or even what it is used for and no its not a new kind of doughnut, but if it were what king of blog donuts would you have?


blogging is the act of writing down aspects about your life experience and writing articles about everything from gardens to how to balance your check book and there are a lot of people that could benefit from that last one I can tell you.


Blog hosting is not that hard to come by but choosing the right host is very important just choose the wrong one once and you will forever live in fear of making the same mistake again.


One of the most important parts of owning a blogging platform is ease of use and by far the easiest one to use is wordpress.


wordpress is a free software that you can install that allows you to create your own blog and blogging is a very popular thing to do these day it does not matter if you are on the right or the left or in the middle blogging is for everyone.


There are a lot of different blogging software programs out there but there are few that actually do the whole job, if you are looking for blogging software that does it all for you, then you may be out of luck.


There are tons of products out there for wordpress  literally thousands upon thousands of templates, you can get a blog template for just about any type of theme that you might want to have from law to royalty and more.


blog site


You can find a topic of information for a blog site for just about anything you can think of, just google blog and see what you can find, it is amazing how much information that is out there.


So get busy already, blogging is fun and it can make you money as well.

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