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Welcome constant readers and passers by alike.
Today, I find myself in a conundrum and if you find yourself wondering just what a conundrum is, we can help you out on that too just keep reading.

Over the past few days I have been working on fulfilling a wordpress solution that clearly needs some support at least from my side of the equation.

That solution that seems to evade most people in developing a solid wordpress website, using a sales approach to marketing using the word press platform.

There are several of these products that have popped up on the market place recently, these all seem to deal with the need for a sales page in the wordpress themes or a sales page plugin, the latter is in short supply at least what I would consider a true grass roots solution to the word press sales page plugin demand which I believe is significant.

I found several of these products, which are somewhat confusing, hence the reference to a conundrum, and as promised earlier,
A: a question or problem having only a conjectural answer
b: an intricate and difficult problem.

Either of these are accurate and welcome because I find myself in this exact situation, I always wonder how some internet marketers sleep at night, many would say just find thank you, but really I cant do that not and look at myself in the mirror in the morning, but I am an honest marketer, believe me we are out there, it may just be hard to spot us.
But again I digress, lets look at this word press sales page solution.

We as marketers need a solution to this problem and we need a solution that is a real solution not a fake one, when I say a fake one I mean a template based solution, which will not really fit the needs of most marketers even though they may not know this right now, the template based, solution is not the solution that you really need.

So you may be asking yourself now, what exactly do I need, well glad you asked, what you need, is a wordpress plugin, that can create a sales page for you.

After doing some research online, google, the king of the internet search engines, finds many such products but most of them are based on a template or theme, which is really not what I want and it is not what you want either, (though you may not realize that right now) Finding a true wordpress sales page plugin is very difficult, I found several that are based on the same programming, one of which sells for around $100 dollars, I will not name that product but I can tell you it is based on open source programming that you can get for free if you know where to look for it, so $100.00 bucks for a freely open source solution wrapped up in a “plugin” which is really not original at all is dishonest at worst and at best is disingenuous, IN fact I find it insulting much the same way Riddick found it insulting when they only sent a few mercenaries to pick him up from rigel 7, or what ever planet he was on the time.

Now this is not a witch hunt, but it is a fact finding expedition, one of which I hope yields some good fact based information that both you and I can use to create better wordpress based websites for Internet marketing.

So what do we want here, and this is where you can make a difference I am not asking for a wish list, well at least not a long long wish list, but perhaps, what you would like to see in a plugin, and keep in mind that a plugin, is really something that allows you to configure what you want to appear in your word press presentation layer.

I use that term so that you will see your wordpress website in a different perspective, perhaps from the perspective from the search engine, because the search engines are no longer the stupid little bugs or spiders that they used to be, they are now quite intelligent, they are able to distinguish between content that is flooded into a website and actual real content that is posted on a human level.

They are able to figure out what is presented by template and what is presented at a deeper level on the website, a template is something that is predictable, in other words it is something that rarely changes, a template is good but it is also a bad thing for trying to get your website noticed by the search engines.

So when I say presentation layers, what does that mean exactly?

Well that is a multifaceted, question and answer, there are many layers in a word press website, you have the public layer and there is also a lower level layer, which is usually based on a theme, then you have an even deeper level of presentation, where programming occurs, believe it or dont, but spiders are now “smart enough” to figure out what type of presentation layer that your website makes use of most often and it is capable of deciding if your website is smart enough to be included in the search results or if your website should be ignored by the spider.

Providing that deep layer of programming that creates a better dynamic presentation based on programming that is search engine friendly is very important to your website success.

So back to the original question, finding a good wordpress sales page plugin, because we now know that a sales page template or theme is useless to the search engines, in fact it may penalize your website if you use such a theme.
Now that we know you want a plugin, that creates the right kind of presentation that is search engine friendly, then we can begin a new google search to find the right kind of plugin, but where to start because most of the search results say plugin but they are really template based which we now know are not what you want, so how to find it, that answer may have to wait for a short time, because it is looking like that product that we are looking for may not yet exist.

I know, there are some products that say they are plugins, but they are really not plugins, they are based on using a freely available Jquery programming model, and other freely available programming models, which is really just a wordpress posting tool, this is not what you want, you may think it is what you want but after you try this out for a couple of months and your website is no better off than it is right now.

That product costs over under $100 bucks and it is not even a real plugin, this is Internet marketing malpractice.
But again, people are free to buy it , I hope you dont, but the real question here is should you be mad that someone is ripping off people on the internet selling garbage that is free but does not really work.

I submit to you that this happens all the time day in and day out.

So, the result of this exercise is to wait, do not buy these fake plugins or template based products that do not work.


Well that is simple, I intend to create a real wordpress plugin that generates real SEO sales pages that produce that abstract layer that the search engines are looking for in a word press website.
Stay tuned, and keep your hang on your wallet…

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