adobe vs apple round two

Hear ye Hear ye Hear ye, Witness the battle of the century, who will win adobe or apple, and should we even care, because to tell you the truth, I have been an apple fan for years and years, but recently I do not like at all what Steve Jobs, allegedly did to thousand of developers, in many cases allegedly putting them out of work.


here we go, with round two of adobe vs apple, and you know what I prefer adobe because apple is just too stupid to admit they are wrong.

But and this is really important, why is allegedly SJ, acting like an alleged baboon.

In fact here is a good view of what we mean.

Apple is allowing a mentally deranged, mad hatter, (allegedly) to run there good name into the ground, and you know what it is like that song, your so vain…

I bet you think this post is about you….

anyway, we are sick and tired of the garbage that apple is dishing up and we think its time to either put up or shut up, stop whining about not being main stream, when you have rules that are just stupid.

So what will happen next, will apple ban all developers from developing in any language but english?

Or what would happen if steve jobie, decided to ban all other languages except for obj c on all its products, what would happen to apple stock then?

What if little Stevie, decided that no one but apple could produce software for OSX, or what would happen if Steve, decided to go back to classic because it was just better, what would happen then.

Sounds crazy right, well that is what little Stevie looks like to the rest of the developing world.

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