apple laptops too high?

Update 2 do you think that apple lap top prices are too high, well here are a few things you might consider…

Update, guess what I ordered a laptop, with extra memory and apple had to go to china to get it…
Now that fine folks is just well not the way I imagined stevie jobs would be, what is up with that guy anyway, allegedly he has been acting well allegedly strange, or err, more strangely than usual, is he ok?

Ok, my older mac book pro is getting older, and I wanted a new one, so I went and priced a new mac book pro, and the price was like 2800 I priced a windows based laptop on the same hardware, not a difference because it come from the asian pacific rim, so there is no difference, except, the price was like 2000 less than apple…

What is up with that, I mean, that is just sic…

Then I priced, a smaller screen, and some other things, to try and get a better price, because I have invested in apple software, sadly the price was higher, I thought what your kidding, so apple has some kind of sick method of pricing the product, I think I might just change, from apple to PC, more so when it appears that apple is being run by a maniac… (allegedly)

Are apple laptops priced too high for todays market?  Some people have to wonder, you can get the same hardware, for half the cost, so why is little Stevie jobs playing games with the apple hardware, and why are people still over paying for the same hardware as windows has?

Are apple prices too high, many people think so and some think not…

Also we found this very interesting…

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