apple vs adobe?

Looks like the verdict is in, folks adobe either did not want to go to court, or thought that spending all that money on lawyers, would be better spent, supporting, apples, competition.

If you think of it that way then you can see just how dumb apple was in this issue and how it continues to be dumb.

One thing that seems crazy is how apple is treating the very people that have supported them for years, in some cases driving people back into the arms of windows, I bet bill gates is laughing and laughing and laughing…

But when you think about it, you just have to wonder what is going on over at apple, yes, they have sold a lot of ipods, they sold a lot of iphone, (not as many as they could have sold, if they had not gone exclusive with att) but who knows, if you bought apple at 74 then right about now is a great time to dump it, and I mean dump it fast before it goes down…

Why? Well, when a company creates problems for itself, like what has happened to apple in the past month then disaster is on the way and you read it hear first. Apple is allegedly going down down down, unless a change is made and that may in fact include taking the AX to SJ, if in fact he is responsible for this fiasco, who ever did this should be fired, fired fired.

They made an alleged enemy of a giant competitor, and that is stupid stupid stupid…
Prepare for a huge dustup, or not, the lawyers, are set to begin a huge lawsuit, that many feel apple is destined, to loose, even if they win.

So what up, is stevie out of a job?

Will adobe sue apple, and will apple sue back, the world wants to know, but in reality, this school yard bully fight is really stupid, mostly from little Stevie, it is just crazy and actually what is needed is a vote of no confidence.

What, you did not hear that here, but really come on Stevie, you really cant expect to play this I am going to take my ball and go home game with the company, the customers, the developers, (which are really customers too) dont forget that, you chiseler,

Well as many have suggested, the rumor mills are in running full time, with the most recent blast, or blunder by apple, which allegedly prohibits an entire cottage industry that was blooming in the shade of the great apple tree, but now may be defunct.

So with one fell swoop, apple may have caused Millions in damages, (allegedly)

NO one seems to know for sure but it does appear that if the language that we see in the new terms and conditions, which may be a thinly veiled salvo between two super powers, with entire villages, becoming collateral damage. Many fear that perhaps apple may have allegedly bitten off more than it can chew, so in reality, what we are seeing here, is a huge rip in the fabric of developers lives.

So really until we see some additional information, what we are facing is Xcode which is not as bad as some may have been lead to belive it is, sure the documentation, is allegedly, hard to follow and full of nerdy fluff,

One of the biggest issues is that many seem to be under the mistaken impression that apple cares about the little guys out here trying to make a living in a world where the hourly wage, has hit bottom since 1998, so in reality, the only thing that you can really do is to subscribe to the notion, when in rome…

Oh one final thought I am now wondering if I should just return all the ipads we purchased for our development team?

If apple wants to play war, then fine, but I can buy a boat load of droids, and still save money…

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